Web Design
& Development
What we do
Corporate websites for market leaders
E-commerce exclusive, highly functional and profitable
Mobile websites and apps for phones & tablets
Web interface development user friendly custom UI/UX design
Web-systems for automation of business processes
We are
Web Design & Development company with headquarter office in Prague. We specialize in custom design and individual web development. We aspire to make your product stand out while building your visual identity or developing your website. Please let our selected projects to speak for themselves
10 years of pleasure work on WEB market
offices based in Prague, Kyiv, Lutsk
10 professional members in our team
more than 150 projects have been launched
How do we work
We analyze the market and we choose the solution
Create prototype
Create specifications
Draw design
Do layouts coding
Develop the project
Test website and teach the client
We launch the project and provide further assistance
Sahnum group s.r.o.
Czech republic, Petržílkova 2583/13, 158 00 Praha 5
IČO: 28208846
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